Looking at how we listen

UC graduate students are known for their braininess. At UC Berkeley, Adeen Flinker is getting a picture of the brain's intricacies and how the human auditory system is wired.

Graduate student researchers mix technology and humanity

Graduate students are at the heart of UC research. And many package their expertise, creativity and compassion to tackle and solve key problems in California and beyond.

UC receives more than $25M in stem cell grants

Nineteen UC scientists received $25.8 million in grants May 4 from the state's stem cell agency to study the underlying biology of stem cells.

UC scientists again top NAS membership

Fifteen UC scientists were among new members elected May 3 to the prestigious National Academy of Sciences. As in previous years, more UC faculty were elected than all other public universities combined.

UC researchers help restore mobility to two paralyzed people

UC researchers help restore mobility to two paralyzed people

Thanks to UC researchers, two people paralyzed in car accidents have done the seemingly impossible: They have taken steps on their own.

Experts brief legislators on tobacco tax benefits

State budget savings and health care costs will decline sharply if funding for the state's tobacco control program is not increased to make up for inflation, according to UC researchers.