The banksias of Australia and the coast redwoods of California are just two examples of the staggering biodiversity found in Mediterranean-climate ecosystems. This profusion of plant species owes its origins to the unique geological history of each region.

Shaping Life: The Geology of Mediterranean-Climate Ecosystems explains the starring role of geology in the evolution of species in California, central Chile, the Western Cape of South Africa, South and southwestern Australia, and the Mediterranean Basin. The program is the second in a six-program video series about Mediterranean-climate regions produced by the UC Natural Reserve System and University of California Television.

The introductory program, Lands of Two Seasons, offers an overview of the world's Mediterranean-climate zones, pointing out their similarities, unique characteristics and importance, while also illuminating the factors that threaten them. Subsequent programs on subjects ranging from biodiversity to ocean and atmospheric forces will explore what makes these environments so unusual and alluring.