California considers DNA privacy law

UC scientists are voicing concerns about a bill, dubbed the Genetic Information Privacy Act, which if passed, could have a costly and damaging effect on research.

Score one for science

Several science agencies that support academic researchers got some positive news last week, as a House subcommittee proposed increases for the research budgets of the NSF and NIST.

Research bought, then paid for

A UC Berkeley professor argues in a New York Times piece that the government should require free access to all published scientific results that were obtained with funds from taxpayers. A bill before Congress would prevent the NIH from requiring that all publications be freely available through the National Library of Medicine website.

What if a president served 42 years?

A UC Berkeley doctoral student in sociology and demography has published a chart on CNN Opinion showing the number of years world leaders have been in power.

Nine of 10 Californians under 65 will be covered under Affordable Care Act, finds study

Between 1.8 million and 2.7 million previously uninsured Californians will gain coverage by 2019, when the law's effect is fully realized, according to a UCLA and UC Berkeley joint study.

Study: High-skilled immigrants decrease poverty

A UC Davis economist has found that an influx of immigrants doesn't increase the poverty rate by depressing the wages of low-income, native-born Americans and can actually decrease poverty when higher-skilled immigrants enter the workforce.