Breast feeding has its advantages

A UC Riverside scientist sheds light on the cellular and biological mechanisms behind the stronger immune systems of breastfed children.

Resolving the riddle of why the zebra has stripes

A UCLA researcher received a grant from the National Geographic Society's Committee for Research and Exploration to investigate the genetic basis and adaptive significance of stripe pattern variation in zebra.

Study: Prepare grad students for work beyond academia

Universities need to work more closely with business, nonprofit and government sectors to better prepare graduate students for careers beyond academia, according to a report for a national project that a UC Davis dean helped guide.

UC Riverside recognized for environmental efforts

The new School of Medicine Research Building at UC Riverside has received LEED Gold Certification by the U.S. Green Building Council.

Learning algebra too early may harm some students, study says

Learning about all those x's, y's and quadratic equations too early in life may do more harm than good for some students, finds a UC Davis study.

Meditation improves emotional behaviors in teachers, study finds

A novel UCSF study, in collaboration with Buddhists, found that schoolteachers who underwent a short but intensive program of meditation were less depressed, anxious or stressed and more compassionate and aware of others' feelings.

Want to understand the fluid dynamics of the oceans and atmosphere?

A film created by UCLA physicists with film students and alumni is believed to be the first comprehensive elementary video on the topic.

Research bought, then paid for

A UC Berkeley professor argues in a New York Times piece that the government should require free access to all published scientific results that were obtained with funds from taxpayers. A bill before Congress would prevent the NIH from requiring that all publications be freely available through the National Library of Medicine website.

Science pushed out of California elementary schools

Elementary schools spend too little time teaching science, according to a study by researchers with the Lawrence Hall of Science at UC Berkeley. More than four-fifths of teachers surveyed think the emphasis on English and math has hampered science teaching.

Students to try to fly balloon across the U.S.

UC San Diego is trying to become the first university to send a zero-pressure balloon across the country, propelled only by the jet stream. It is part of a program to get students to do hands-on projects so that they can see that engineering is more than equations.

Engineering aid for UC Natural Reserves

Enterprising UC Berkeley engineering students have developed two compact, remote-controlled aircraft to keep tabs on UC Natural Reserves.

UCSF joins trend offering published research free

UCSF has joined the growing ranks of academic institutions that are offering most, if not all, of their research free to the public, by requiring that all published scientific studies be added by their authors to a university repository.

Study finds big benefits for students, taxpayers and state from funding of higher education

UC Berkeley researchers conclude that graduates of UC and California State University systems provide ongoing returns to the state that average $12 billion a year.

UC Berkeley leads $4 million program to train slum health researchers

With a $4 million NIH award, UC Berkeley and three partner institutions are establishing a new program to train researchers who can tackle global health challenges specific to slum dwellings.

Mind the gap year

The Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley helps impoverished people around the world by bringing together academics and entrepreneurs to develop technological innovations.

Students use engineering know-how to help people at home and a world away

A small village in the Philippines will soon be safer from typhoons and earthquakes, thanks to the work of a group of UC San Diego undergraduates who are designing a model home that uses new and sustainable technologies.

New master's program to foster biomedical, clinical research

The UC Irvine School of Medicine has kicked off an innovative program that will prepare emerging doctors and scientists to turn basic and clinical research into improved patient care.

Berkeley reveals plan for academic center in China

UC Berkeley plans to open a large engineering research and teaching facility in Shanghai as part of a broader plan to bolster its presence in China.

Bay Area Science Festival features fun, discovery

Hundreds of scientists at research institutions, laboratories, universities and high-tech companies go public, Oct. 27-Nov. 3, to show adults and kids alike that the scientific world is exciting, fun and well worth exploring. The festival is the brainchild of UCSF researchers.

UC fears talent loss to deeper pockets

The departure of three star scientists from UC San Diego has officials worried about a possible brain drain tied to budget cuts.

A vision to help

UC San Diego engineering students are working to develop a cheaper, lighter, multi-function microscope that could be used in clinics in developing countries.

UC Merced innovations all seen as a big win

Solar-powered farm equipment, almond byproducts as biofuels and new valves to improve blood flow for newborns were just some of the projects unveiled by UC Merced engineering and management students at the Innovate to Grow competition.

IceCube experiment gives insight into origin of cosmic rays

A UC Berkeley physicist and eight students and post-docs are part a collaboration conducting cosmic ray research at the South Pole.

The sweet smell of success

A UC Irvine graduate student has won a Public Impact Fellowship for her sage scrub restoration efforts.

UC research resource center to serve San Joaquin Valley

A new UC Merced center aims to improve the lives of the San Joaquin Valley's most underserved residents by empowering them to engage in research that supports their community's issues.

Scientists sound alarm for state research funding

UC's 10 campuses were included in a new study from the National Science Board revealing that spending on the nation's top 101 public research institutions plunged an average of 20 percent between 2002 and 2010.

Looking at new ways to learn math, science

A joint UC San Diego and San Diego State program studies how people learn math and science and then use that research to develop more effective K-12 and college curricula.

Researchers question learning styles theory

A group of four psychologists, including professors from UC San Diego and UCLA, have reviewed historical data and say there is little scientific evidence to support the learning-styles theory.

Why they move

When times get tough, top talent goes elsewhere. That truism seems to be increasingly confronting many public universities, especially flagships that have seen state support slashed.