Too much fructose sets up metabolic trouble

A UC Davis study explains how fructose is a major factor in metabolic syndrome, which can increase the risk of developing cardiovascular disease and diabetes.

Recession's bite: nearly 4 million Californians struggled to put food on table during downturn

An estimated 3.8 million California adults, particularly those with children and low-income Latinos, could not afford to put adequate food on the table during the recent recession, according to a UCLA report.

Research see link between HIV and abuse among women

Trauma and post-traumatic stress syndrome are closely tied both to the risk of becoming infected with HIV and lower rates of successful treatment, according to two recent UCSF studies.

Fused genes tackle deadly disease in grapevines

A gene fusion research project led by a UC Davis plant scientist targets Pierce's disease, a deadly threat to California's wine industry.

People eat more fast food as income rises

Consumption of fast food becomes more common as earnings increase from low to middle incomes, suggests a UC Davis study.

Breast feeding has its advantages

A UC Riverside scientist sheds light on the cellular and biological mechanisms behind the stronger immune systems of breastfed children.

Why your tomato has no flavor

UC Davis researchers have found that the genetic trait breeders prize for making tomatoes also contribute to making them less sweet.

New avocado rootstocks are high-performing and disease-tolerant

Rootstocks can help control Hytophthora root rot, UC Riverside scientists found.

Wasps combat Asian citrus psyllid

UC Riverside researchers released a natural enemy of a bug that has been infesting citrus trees throughout California in hopes of protecting the state's $1.1 billion citrus industry.

Helping plants fight back

To protect crops from destruction researchers at UC Davis are developing a technique to exploit parasitic vines that suck water, nutrients and information from plants.

The physics of carrying a coffee cup without spilling

UC Santa Barbara fluid dynamics scientists diverted from weightier subjects for a while to publish a paper on 'Walking with coffee: Why does it spill?'

More trans fat consumption linked to greater aggression

Might the 'Twinkie defense' have a scientific foundation after all? UC San Diego researchers have shown that consumption of dietary trans fatty acids is associated with irritability and aggression.

Climate change has vintners rethinking grapes

A UC Davis grape breeder says some grapes would do better in warmer temperatures, but growing and marketing new varieties is a big investment.