UC research drives climate change report

A state report on climate change and California's landscape features research from seven UC campuses and laboratories.

FDA aims to track food-borne bacteria's genetic codes

The FDA is teaming up with UC Davis scientists to pinpoint the genetic codes of 100,000 types of lethal food-borne bacteria so the agency can more quickly stop deadly contamination outbreaks.

Plastic trash altering ocean habitats, study shows

A 100-fold upsurge in human-produced plastic garbage in the ocean is altering habitats in the marine environment, according to a new study led by a graduate student researcher at Scripps Institution of Oceanography at UC San Diego.

Nano-subs built to grab and move oil spills to collection site

UC San Diego scientists have built a self-propelled 'microsubmarine' that can scoop up oil from contaminated waters and take the droplets to a collection facility.

Study finds big benefits for students, taxpayers and state from funding of higher education

UC Berkeley researchers conclude that graduates of UC and California State University systems provide ongoing returns to the state that average $12 billion a year.

Initiative will test HIV prevention pill in California

The California HIV/AIDS Research Program of UC has awarded grants totaling $11.8 million to three teams of investigators to test a potential HIV prevention pill among high-risk HIV-uninfected people in California.

Mind the gap year

The Blum Center for Developing Economies at UC Berkeley helps impoverished people around the world by bringing together academics and entrepreneurs to develop technological innovations.

UC Berkeley, Lawrence Berkeley Lab part of White House poverty push

Part of the program calls for UC Berkeley to use a 'pre-negotiated' license term sheet for technology and ideas that can be used by nonprofits in helping poor countries.

UC research resource center to serve San Joaquin Valley

A new UC Merced center aims to improve the lives of the San Joaquin Valley's most underserved residents by empowering them to engage in research that supports their community's issues.

UC Davis to start up entrepreneur institute

The campus announced that it is launching a new institute devoted to education, research and outreach in innovation and entrepreneurship.

Astronaut to lead new research center at UC Davis

After retiring from NASA last month, Stephen Robinson will head a new center for research on human-vehicle interaction at UC Davis.

Recession's bite: nearly 4 million Californians struggled to put food on table during downturn

An estimated 3.8 million California adults, particularly those with children and low-income Latinos, could not afford to put adequate food on the table during the recent recession, according to a UCLA report.

Social Security: fixing the glaring gap for women

Women typically receive less from Social Security than men, with millions of widows and women of color falling into poverty in old age, according to a UCSF study presented at a Congressional briefing.

Researcher's waste-to-energy technology moves from the lab to the marketplace

Technology invented by a UC Davis researcher that converts solid waste into renewable energy debuted as the first commercially available, high-solid anaerobic digestion system in the U.S.

California to test HIV-prevention pill

The California HIV-AIDS Research Program at the UC Office of the President awarded $11.8 million in grants for prevention pill studies and efforts to get about 3,000 HIV-infected people in Southern California into treatment and keep them there.

Study endorses maximum-security inmates in lower-level California prisons

An 18 month study by researchers at UC Berkeley, Davis and Irvine comes as a new state law sends thousands of lower-level offenders to local jails instead of state prisons.

Students use engineering know-how to help people at home and a world away

A small village in the Philippines will soon be safer from typhoons and earthquakes, thanks to the work of a group of UC San Diego undergraduates who are designing a model home that uses new and sustainable technologies.

Wasps combat Asian citrus psyllid

UC Riverside researchers released a natural enemy of a bug that has been infesting citrus trees throughout California in hopes of protecting the state's $1.1 billion citrus industry.

An innovator shapes an empire

A profile of Susan Desmond-Hellmann, chancellor of UCSF, which is widely regarded among scientists as one of the crown jewels of biomedical research and a birthplace of biotechnology and innovation.

UCSF joins trend offering published research free

UCSF has joined the growing ranks of academic institutions that are offering most, if not all, of their research free to the public, by requiring that all published scientific studies be added by their authors to a university repository.

A vision to help

UC San Diego engineering students are working to develop a cheaper, lighter, multi-function microscope that could be used in clinics in developing countries.

Water crisis documentary features UC Irvine hydrologist

UC Irvine global water specialist Jay Famiglietti is the unlikely star of a new documentary, 'Last Call at the Oasis,' directed by Academy Award winner Jessica Yu.

Researchers offer new ecological model for deep-water oil spills

On the second anniversary of the Deepwater Horizon oil platform blowout, UC Santa Barbara researchers provided new insight into what happened in the disaster, as well as a guide for how to deal with such events in the future.

Energy from lasers: Sure shot or dead end?

The National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory opened its doors to their control room for CBS 'Sunday Morning' to witness a laser shot for tests that may change how the U.S. may someday get its energy.

Berkeley gears up for new era of enterprise with Skydeck incubator

A startup incubator, which houses a mix of ventures founded by UC Berkeley faculty, students and alumni, heralds a dynamic effort to foster a new generation of young entrepreneurs and forge a hotbed of collaborative innovation and enterprise.

Boosting cigarette tax could bolster California economy by $2 billion

A June 5 ballot initiative designed to boost the tax on cigarettes by $1 a pack could create 12,000 new permanent jobs right away and add nearly $2 billion in economic activity in the Golden State annually, according to a UCSF study.

UC Berkeley gets grant for quake-warning study

With the goal of giving people precious seconds to run for their lives before the Big One hits, three West Coast universities will share a $6 million grant to improve an earthquake early warning system already being tested.

Early tsunami warning system could be possible

A high-frequency radar system was able to identify the devastating March 11 tsunami in Japan. It raises high hopes of developing an early warning system, said a UC Davis oceanographer.