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Fighting breast cancer

For 20 years, UC’s California Breast Cancer Research Program has fought to end the disease through innovative science and community participation and outreach.

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Lab confirms thirdhand smoke causes DNA damage

A study, led by researchers from Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory and funded by UC's Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program, has found for the first time that thirdhand smoke causes significant genetic damage in human cells.

Alzheimer's and low blood sugar in diabetes may trigger a vicious cycle

A new UCSF-led study looks at the close link between diabetes and dementia, and a researcher urges caution on the use of certain diabetes drugs in dementia patients.

With global warming, will iguanas grow as big as Komodo dragons?

A recent discovery at UC Berkeley shows that at least some herbivorous lizards did grow that large during a warmer era 40 million years ago.

Graduate student launches post-Katrina oral history project

A UC Riverside sociology student witnessed the hurricane's devastation and later co-founded the Lower Ninth Ward Living Museum.

Large-scale biodiversity is vital to maintain ecosystem health

New analysis by ecologists at UC Santa Cruz demonstrates that even higher levels of biological diversity are necessary to maintain ecosystem health in larger landscapes over long periods of time.

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How UC harnesses nature's super powers

From gecko-inspired climbing gear to robotic vehicles that can sprint over sand, UC researchers are looking to the natural world for breakthrough ideas that can turn ordinary people into super human.

Student entrepreneurship is humming at elite universities

UC students tend to ask about the real-world problem, and they try to solve it.

2013 California fire season brings stronger fires

UC Berkeley environmental sciences experts discuss fire danger in Northern California and what the state can do to adapt to the possibility of increasingly long fire seasons due to climate change.

Ancient Roman concrete better than today's

Using the Advanced Light Source at the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, researchers studied a Roman breakwater that has spent the last 2,000 years submerged in the Mediterranean Sea. They found that the best Roman concrete was superior to most modern concrete.

Stress kills the mind, one day at a time

UC Irvine researchers found that our daily reactions to stress take a cumulative toll on our minds.

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The willow catkin is native to California's streamside, riparian habitats. Photo courtesy of the UC Natural Reserve System

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