Steroids given to preemies may harm their brains

Steroids given to premature babies to help them breathe and maintain normal blood pressure may impair the development of a part of their brains, a UCSF study shows.

Mitchel Berger, UCSF brain surgeon, tops in nation

A neurosurgeon who first dreamed of becoming a professional football player, is a pioneer in brain mapping, a technique that saves the lives and health of brain tumor patients.

UCTV spotlights health innovation center

What are the best ways to make health care safer, smarter and a more positive experience for patients and their families? UCTV will air talks from the first UC Center for Health Quality and Innovation colloquium beginning June 5.

Study suggests annual mammograms unnecessary

More than half of women who are screened annually for breast cancer will get a false positive result within 10 years of their first mammogram, according to a UCSF study that throws more fuel on the controversy over when, and how often, women should be tested.

Heart failure program has reduced readmissions by 30 percent

A UCSF program gives patients plenty of information and support to help them after they are discharged. Originally for heart failure patients 65 and older, the program is being expanded to all cardiology patients as well as to neurology patients.