River project promises clarity, security for California water resources

Researchers at UC Merced are installing wireless sensors across the American River to monitor the water level. This will help pinpoint how fast the snow is melting and when the meltwater will arrive in the reservoirs each spring.

Research lends insight into controlling cells, addressing diseases

A UC Merced biophysicist has found that a cell's nanomotor can be activated by a cellular cue often lacking in people suffering from neurodegeneration.

UC Merced innovations all seen as a big win

Solar-powered farm equipment, almond byproducts as biofuels and new valves to improve blood flow for newborns were just some of the projects unveiled by UC Merced engineering and management students at the Innovate to Grow competition.

Introducing birth control in mosquitoes

A grant to a UC Riverside scientist can greatly help control population of disease spreading mosquitoes.

Ecologist simulates climate change with infrared heaters

A UC Merced scientist is studying how trees in the mountains of Colorado will adapt to climate change.

Universities' solar future illuminated

A group of UC researchers met recently at UC Merced to talk about some of the latest solar research and its potential impact.

UC Merced gets grant to track Sierra snowpack

Researchers were awarded a $2 million grant from the National Science Foundation to develop a revolutionary network for tracking the Sierra snowpack as the climate warms.

Solar energy institute seeks to shine by raising funds

UC Merced is focused on making solar energy more affordable and efficient, and the funds from its sponsors are allowing the institute to thrive.

Bone density may affect immune system

UC Merced researchers shed light on how bone density may change a person's immune system, a finding that could impact how scientists try to combat bone-related disease, such as osteoporosis.

Researchers discover protein critical for tissue regeneration

UC Merced scientists show that a protein found in humans stops regeneration when disabled in planaria, providing a potential strategy for preventing the growth of cancer cells.

Team seeks to learn how humans adapt to high places

Mark Aldenderfer, dean of the UC School of Social Sciences, Humanities and Arts, is part of a research group that will depart to the Himalayas this summer.

UC research resource center to serve San Joaquin Valley

A new UC Merced center aims to improve the lives of the San Joaquin Valley's most underserved residents by empowering them to engage in research that supports their community's issues.

UC Merced developing avatar care for aging baby boomers

Graduate students are creating a software program that uses avatars to provide physical therapy to the elderly.

Scientists warn that fires could consume Yellowstone forests

Increasing waves of severe fires fed by climate change could shift much of the iconic forests of Yellowstone to scrub or grasslands by the end of this century, UC Merced scientists say.

UC research drives climate change report

A state report on climate change and California's landscape features research from seven UC campuses and laboratories.

Researchers make bone health discovery

Osteoporosis patients are among those who could benefit from the findings of a UC Merced study showing how bone health could affect the immune system.

Graduate student's urban art research has global reach

A UC Merced graduate student searches cities for art that appears without the approval of authorities. Few scholars across the globe document and interpret this kind of unsanctioned work, termed 'urban art.'

Using social multimedia for enhanced mapping

A UC Merced researcher has received a prestigious National Science Foundation award to fund work on gathering geographic insight from photos and videos submitted by users.

Scientists sound alarm for state research funding

UC's 10 campuses were included in a new study from the National Science Board revealing that spending on the nation's top 101 public research institutions plunged an average of 20 percent between 2002 and 2010.

Obesity worse for blood pressure of teen girls

Obesity has a greater impact on the blood pressure of teenage girls than on teenage boys, suggests a UC Merced study.